Carine Henry BSc RD

I am a Paediatric Dietitian, offering a specialist service for infants and children with feeding difficulties and diet related conditions. Dedicated solely to infants and young children, this site is the on-line sibling to Teenage Nutrition my site for teens.  Working as a Paediatric Dietitian in Cambridge, UK for almost 30 years, my aims of dietary treatment support health, wellbeing and growth with nutrition education and evidence-based decision making. I work with specific conditions including food allergies, tummy problems, food refusal, difficult feeding behaviours and growth faltering.

How Carine Works

I offer individual appointments, both F2F and online and online workshops. During appointments I use a dietary assessment methods  to collect relevant and unique information about each child’s nutritional story. This includes age related nutritional needs, growth history, learned feeding skills and behaviours including appetite, preferences and limitations. This happens in a detailed discussion about what, when and how much is eaten. It provides a good estimate of caloric and key nutrient intake, identifies any significant nutritional gaps and is necessary background information before considering next steps and dietary treatment options. Height and weight, head and/or waist circumference may be measured in clinic, and compared and interpreted using growth charts, such as you find in your child’s red book.

Dietary treatment

Following assessment, dietary treatment options or interventions are discussed.  I use a combination of nutritional knowledge, understanding of infants and child developmental, feeding as learning and evidence-based strategies to help young children to eat well.  This may include:

  • interventions to support meeting key nutrient need with significant identified gaps
  • food exclusion, reintroduction or challenge in the management of food allergy
  • targeted probiotic treatment for gastrointestinal symptoms
  • changes in diet structure or routine to facilitate learning to eat well
  • behaviour and learning models including play, effective praise and positive reinforcement

Using this site

This website contains lots of great information but is not individual advice. Rather, it is intended as a general source of information, on which decisions can be made about seeking further help. Do have look at my blog on various aged-related topics, or subscribe to receive updates.