Cambridge Paediatric Dietitian

Cambridge Paediatric Dietitian, Carine Henry RD, offers a private, expert and caring service for infants, children and teens to help identify, treat and manage common  diet related conditions.  I have been working with families and children as a registered dietitian for the past 25 years, providing education about nutrition, dietetic treatment and strategies to help develop good eating practices.  The advice I offer is easy to understand and practical to follow; written information is always provided. I believe the solution should never be more difficult than the problem. The aim of all dietetic treatment is to meet individual nutritional needs and support growth and wellbeing. Good food, nutrition and cooking for my own family is a central part of my life, and I am keen to share practical as well as extensive professional knowledge about this essential subject. Rapid access is available for appointments by contacting me directly with or without an NHS, GP or Paediatrician referral.   See my profile for information about my background.

Translating current scientific findings about food

We all have intuitive knowledge about food and health, both for ourselves and our children.  In today’s media and commercially-driven world, separating food facts from fiction is tricky. This is as true for infant feeding as it is for child and teen wellbeing.  I provide an accessible and evidence-based way to understand up-to-date thinking about food, nutrition and health. This website contains lots of great information about common diet related conditions, but is not individual advice. Rather, it is intended as a general source of information, separated by age group or type of condition, on which decisions can be made about seeking further help. Do have look at my blog on various aged-related topics, or subscribe to receive updates.

Dietary assessment and management 

All my appointments are structured using dietary assessment techniques to determine appetite,  food preference, meal pattern, energy balance, nutrient intake and digestion.  This happens in a detailed discussion about what, when and how much is eaten. Growth and body measurements such as head or waist circumference may be taken and considered with growth centile charts and/or test results where relevant.  I may ask you to fill in a questionnaire before an appointment to help with this.  The dietetic management of medical conditions need individual goals and strategies for each child, and this is build around the information in the assessment combining nutritional knowledge with evidence-based decision making.