Carine Henry BSc RD

Cambridge Paediatric Dietitian, Carine Henry offers a specialist service for infants, children and teens and provides dietary assessment and treatment options for food-related conditions and behaviour change.

For almost 30 years, Carine has worked with children and families across the paediatric age spectrum from 0-18 years.  Typically, she works with a spectrum of feeding difficulties from infancy, through the early years into puberty and later adolescence. All first appointments are focused on dietary assessment, in which unique information is collected about each child’s food, feeding and nutrition story. Appropriate options for dietary treatment and then explored.

Carine works with freelance and NHS colleagues in child and adolescent behaviour,  gastroenterology and food allergic disease. Over 2023-25 Carine is a yoga teacher in training, both to strengthen wellness and to offer a range of mindful and self-nurturing practice. Those may include body awareness through attention, breath and movement. Carine supports parents, guiding them towards mindful parenting techniques where food and feeding are concerned. See Carine’s Profile.

Holistic Assessment

As a holistic practitioner, Carine uses a bio-psycho-social approach, focussing on what’s happening in the physical body,  as well as thoughts and experience with food, feeding and nutrition.. This is viewed  through the lens of nutritional needs, food  intake and diversity; calculating the provision of energy and key nutrients. Growth, physical activity and digestive/gut microbiota health are key elements of the assessment.  For infants, this approach takes account of birthing, early feeding history including physical feeding skills and sensory experience. The context for older children is in play, learning, family-life and school. And for teenagers it’s a 360 look at nutritional, physical, emotional and social health.

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