I believe that specific feeding advice and nutrition support should be available freely for all families, as it would on the NHS. The Making Mealtimes Better workshops aim to provide a specialist level of information on managing feeding difficulties, boosting key nutrition and re-imagining mealtimes but does not provide individual advice. It provides a setting for parents to listen, learn, share, practice and develop skills and strategies to re-frame mealtimes. In charging for this specialist workshop, and in efforts to provide this to as many families as possible, I offer 3 payment options. My standard fee remains good value for money, and offers better affordability than attending individual appointments.  I trust that prospective clients will choose the payment option that suits their circumstances best. The higher “supporter rate” will subsidise a lower “supported rate”, so those who pay the higher rate do so in the knowledge that they are helping another family access this specialist workshop.

Workshop Fees for 2023

Standard fee 3 x 60 minutes over 6 weeks £60, Supported Rate £45, Supporter rate £75