lovely manner with children

We brought our 6-year old daughter to see Carine, who was struggling with nausea, abdominal pain and poor growth, as she’d been so helpful to us when our baby had cow’s milk allergy.  She has a lovely manner with children and involved, our daughter in creating ideas for dietary changes. We really couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

6 year old girl
nausea, abdominal pain

wealth of knowledge on childhood food allergy

Our young son became a different child since developing cow’s milk allergy. With Carine’s help and her wealth of knowledge on childhood food allergy, our son is now a much more settled and happy boy. Carine was always available to answer our questions and put our minds at rest and we thank her for that too. We would highly recommend her services to any family.

15 month old boy
cow's milk allergy

friendly and highly professional

Carine is approachable, friendly and highly professional; her comprehensive letters following each consultation are a valuable source of reference and I whole-heartedly recommend her. She is now the professional point of contact in the monitoring of my son’s condition, communicating with our GP and liaising with the consultant gastroenterologist if needed.

newly diagnosed coeliac

intuitive and professional

We found Carine friendly, open, intuitive and professional.  She was fantastic with our son and took great care to enquire about what seemed to be all aspects of his daily life. Carine provided practical and sensitive advice on a cow’s milk exclusion diet for our 2 year old. She suggested useful alternatives and recipes to ensure calcium levels were met, following up with detailed records and further written advice.

2 year old boy
gastro-oesophageal reflux

we can only highly recommend Carine

We can only highly recommend Carine; her expertise and advice has been invaluable to us and to our son. We genuinely wish that all other parents whose children are in difficulty could have access to her services.

toddler with tummy trouble
reflux and abdominal pain
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