infant food refusal

Our 8 month old daughter refused to eat and started to lose weight. We had seen various doctors who couldn’t find any medical reason that she was refusing to eat, and we were pretty anxious during our first visit but Carine immediately put us at ease. She was incredibly insightful and straightaway hit on what we now know to be the nub of the problem. Within a few days of our first appointment our daughter started to eat again and now, several months down the line, has a much better relationship with food. Carine is incredibly knowledgeable, practical and clearly loves her job. I can’t recommend her enough!

8 month old baby girl

terrified to continue weaning

My baby had some allergic reactions after meals, and I was terrified to continue weaning. Carine investigated his history in depth and incorporated her extensive knowledge of child food allergies to make a plan with me and to provide helpful referrals and resources. Ever since making contact with her, I’ve felt completely supported. My son is doing great, and I’m immensely grateful for everything she’s done for us!

allergic reactions during weaning

realistic strategies for diet changes

What has led us to recommend Carine  is not just her professionalism and expertise but her approach. We were stressed, exhausted and panicked about our baby and Carine treated our whole family with kindness and concern, offering realistic strategies for diet changes that didn’t involve trips to speciality shops or a science degree to understand them.

cow's milk allergic baby

undiagnosed cow’s milk allergy

We first met Carine when our 11-month-old son was waking 8 times a night with what turned out to be an undiagnosed cow’s milk allergy. Carine’s accurate diagnosis and expert advice meant that we were able to exclude the milk while maintaining the calcium he needed in his diet and we had a different baby within 48 hours.

distressed baby unwilling to feed

offers very practical advice

We’ve seen Carine on a regular basis to guide us through the weaning process and advise on infant nutrition. She’s extremely knowledgeable, personable and offers very practical advice. With so much conflicting information about weaning and infant feeding  it’s been really useful for us to receive expert and personalised advise when we’ve needed it.


weaning, infant feeding behaviour

carefully listened

Carine was fantastic, she carefully listened to all our worries and suggested a sensible plan.  With her help we feel confident that our son has a nutritionally balanced diet, despite his intolerances. We’re now getting a full nights sleep and our son is thriving. We can’t thank her enough.

6 month old baby
cow's milk allergy

turning point

Looking back at our first appointment with Carine, it’s clear that this was the turning point in resolving our son’s feeding difficulties and her advice has shaped the care he then received from our local NHS services.  For this we will always be so grateful.

15 month old baby
growth faltering, feeding difficulties

actually observed

You were the first person who listened and actually observed our son’s feeding behaviour. You helped us with a swift diagnosis of delayed Cow’s Milk Allergy and your logical approach put things in perspective for us at a time when we really needed it.

7 month old baby boy
failure to thrive, reflux, food refusal
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