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Food additives can exacerbate atopic asthma in sensitive children. Here is a list of the worst offenders. Orange food colouring
10 tips to help children maintain a healthy weight Avoid sweets, crisps and all fizzy drinks Choose snacks lower in
Healthy eating during teens is certainly a challenge.  It often comes low down on a list of priorities including study,
healthy eating in the early years
Getting your kids involved with their food really helps develop healthy eating in the early years.  Whatever works is good
nutrient needs in the early years
Nutrient needs in the early years are 4 - 5 times greater than for an adult.  Some nutritional knowledge is
This is a question many parents ask me. Multivitamin and mineral supplements should not be needed as nutrient deficiencies are
How confident do you feel about portion sizes for your toddler?  In a recent survey from the Infant & Toddler
  Weaning babies can be a messy time.  Learning new self feeding skills is an important part of developing the
All children need regular sources of iron-rich food, especially during later infancy, toddlerhood, teenage girls and for those following vegetarian
The calcium and vitamin D combination is one of the most important vitamin and mineral duos for teenage nutrition. All
Cambridge Paediatrics & Nutrition runs its first Weaning Matters workshop on 7th May 2016.  It will be held at Keffer