towards a more flexible eating plan

Carine helped my daughter adapt a from a strict eating plan, towards a more flexible approach, resulting in a diet that maximised her nutrition and also her performance in sporting activities. She was professional, flexible and understanding in the way she worked with my daughter, and we valued seeing her on Saturdays due to our busy family schedule.

sporty teenger
struggling to maintain weight

she knows how teenagers tick

Carine is very approachable, responds quickly to queries and soon becomes a friend. She knows how teenagers tick and when to stop giving them advice. We were very luck to meet Carine in our journey and know she can help many others with all her sensible, practical advice.

teenager girl recovering from significant weight loss

practical advice that was easy to follow

We are very grateful to Carine, who provided lots of practical advice that was easy to follow to help our daughter put on weight, after a period of significant weight loss. Our daughter found Carine easy to relate to, and engaged with her best of all the people looking after her. Over four months, her weight improved, her mood improved and we were able to return to normal.

teenage girl with low weight and low mood

genuinely sensitive and helpful

We were unable to access a paediatric dietitian on the NHS or the eating disorder service and Carine was recommended by a friend.  She was genuinely sensitive and helpful in her assessment and practical meal planning.  Seeing Carine has made all the difference for my daughter and the quick and easy access to her services on a Saturday made it all less stressful

15 year-old anxious teenager
rapid weight loss, worries about anorexia nervosa

professional and flexible

Carine was understanding, professional and flexible in the way she worked with my daughter, and we valued seeing her on Saturdays due to our busy family schedule.

under-weight 16 year old girl
struggling to maintain weigth
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