Carine Henry

Registered Dietitians are health professionals that are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat diet related conditions, relying on integrating nutritional knowledge, public health guidance and evidence-based decision-making. Only those professionals registered with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) can use the title Dietitian. Registration details for Carine Henry can be found here.

My work as a Cambridge Paediatric Dietitian has spanned 25+ years, with a clinical background in the NHS, nutrition research with the MRC and teaching students and healthy professionals in diet-related conditions.  I have gained professional and practical skills to support identification, diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as cow’s milk allergy and its related feeding difficulties in infancy. Much of the work I do involves devising treatment plans for infants and children, proving information that’s easy to understand and practical to follow. Always with the focus to improve or resolve symptoms and support wellbeing with nutrition education and treatment.

Clinical interests 

The understanding of cow’s milk allergy and its optimal treatment continues to evolve and is my main area of clinical interest and expertise.  It presents in many different ways, providing challenges for less experienced practitioners, not least because it’s symptoms are so similar to other common conditions in infancy.  Prompt, expert dietetic management delivers excellent outcomes. The Infant Microbiome and its relevance to clinical practice is another area of intense interest. I am a strong supporter of breast feeding, currently training as a breast feeding counsellor to support both private clients and the community through volunteer working.  I have completed BDA accredited training on Advanced Dietetic Practice in Eating Disorders, and work to support young people with disordered eating.

Clinical Background

Working in NHS clinical practice as a Paediatric Dietitian since 1992 – 2005 based at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge which integrated research work at the MRC for Clinical Nutrition Research. Assessing child growth; energy and nutrient intake; individual children’s needs and devising effective nutritional treatment plans are still the tools of my trade!  Some years later, and after the birth of 3 children, in a 5-year clinical audit project, I supported multiple GP practices to improve their outcomes with cost-effective nutrition prescribing for individuals with under-nutrition.  Much of this work relied on education and changing practices for Dietitian’s working across Hospital and Community services.

  • Hospital-wide multi-disciplinary NutritionTeam, providing intravenous nutritional support
  • Hospital-wide projects, including the introduction of nutritional screening
  • Combined clinical/research role with the MRC Clinical Nutrition Research, methods of assessing body composition, energy requirements and micro-nutrient status
  • Commissioning a dedicated home Nutrition Support Services for vulnerable children
  • Developed Paediatric Nutrition services at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, including Special Needs Feeding Team
  • Expanded Dietetic Outpatient service, to help manage the increasing numbers of infants and children with food allergy and gastro-intestinal problems.
  • Cost-effective nutrition prescribing clinical audit

Paediatric Nutrition Practice

In 2002, and after the birth of my 2nd child, I established my Cambridge Paediatric Nutrition practice, allowing a more flexible work and family life.  This means working more directly with families rather than clinical services, with some work in schools and with the school meals service.  I continue to freelance in other areas of Paediatric Nutrition including NHS practice, GP training, health professions workshops as well as private one-to-one appointments. I am delighted to work as part of Cambridge Paediatric Practice, a private medical service for children with gastrointestinal concerns.