Diet related conditions in childhood, benefit from the skilled help of a paediatric dietitian,  particularly when foods persistently affect a child’s eating, sleeping, playing or growing.  Do have a look through this section or get in touch to make an appointment.  Does you child have adverse reactions to foods and you are concerned they might have a food allergy?  Perhaps you feel that your child is not eating enough of the right foods?  This website, and the service I offer, provide guidance about some common diet related conditions.  To use the Paediatric Nutrition website, navigate age-related issues using the top bar and condition-specific ones using tabs on the side bar. A quick overview then:

The Infant feeding matters section contains information about diet related conditions in infancy such as cow’s milk allergy.  Less common in teens, it usually develops in the 2nd 6 months of life and resolves in the early years.  Left untreated, some babies develop feeding aversion and others struggle to gain enough weight.

Food refusalCommon feeding difficulties in childhood affecting toddlers and pre-school children include behavioural and functional problems such as food refusal and constipation.  As needed, I work with other colleagues including paediatricians and speech and language therapists at Cambridge Paediatric Practice.

Food allergies and intolerance can affect all age groups, although food allergies more commonly affect young children.  Most early food allergies are outgrown by puberty, but those that persist or are diagnosed later in childhood are often life-long and require an epipen and need careful dietary management. An allergy focused history is the first step in diagnosis and management when food allergy is suspected.

gastrointestinal problems in teenagersGastrointestinal difficulties can be associated with times stress or anxiety, illustrating the link between mind and the body, and specifically the gut.  Abdominal pain, reflux or diarrhoea that becomes persistent can be successfully treated by attention to diet and lifestyle. Teenagers can be particularly affected by emotional challenges and experience restricted or disordered eating at some point. I offer specific dietary assessment and link with other paediatric colleagues including family therapists or psychologists when there is concern about an eating disorder.

I welcome any questions by contacting me directly, and of course any feedback about this website.