Helping kids get 5 a day, whatever their age, need not be a big stress. Try also to remember that although it’s a parents remit to provide a balanced diet; including 5 a day, it’s a child choice to eat it.  Never force; always reinforce  – the positive. Positive associations really help kids to develop good relationships with food. I’ll never forget when my 6-year-old daughter, after much persuasion, got two rabbits.   They munched and munched – very cute – but it really helped her to nibble and munch her way through lots of green beans!  Keep it fun; keep it light.

  • Always have some fruit or dried fruit with breakfast cereals
  • With cooked breakfasts try mushrooms, tomatoes or baked beans
  • Always offer/have at least one vegetable and one fruit at the midday and evening meals
  • Crunchy raw vegetables like carrot sticks or cucumber slices are popular in lunch boxes and with cold meals
  • Stir fried vegetables are usually more popular than boiled vegetables. Try courgette, peppers, aubergine, cabbage, cavolo nero, cauliflower and broccoli
  • For simple puddings, serve fruit with yogurt, fromage frais, custard or ice cream
  • Younger children often eat more fruit when it is cut up for them
  • Choose cooked puddings containing fruit, eg fruit crumbles, tarts and soufflés
  • If serving cake or biscuits always serve them with some pieces of fruit