My infant feeding clinic is a relaxed space where you can feed your baby, change a nappy and talk through specific difficulties and symptoms  in relation to your baby’s feeding.  Feeding difficulties in infancy can arise for any number of reasons. Listening to a detailed history is a first step to help resolve presenting symptoms, identify potential underlying causes and provide evidence-based strategies to help develop feeding skills.

The infant feeding assessment is a guided conversation about what, when and how your baby is feeding, and how this relates to symptoms, growth and digestive functions.  Family and medical background is also helpful, and where food allergy is suspected, an allergy focused clinical history is taken. I like to observe a baby feeding and look at a nappy when possible.  Looking at growth charts helps determine if and when changes in growth or growth faltering have occurred in relation to the presenting problem over time.

Some infants do need the support of a multi-disciplinary team, and I have access to a team of professionals, including speech and language therapy and paediatric gastroenterology.   In combination we support families of children with  complex feeding difficulties in childhood and can arrange joint appointments if required.