The workshop overview focuses on 3 key themes around mealtimes: structure, nurture and boundaries. Each group will use a combination of zoom break-out rooms, using the whiteboard for tasks and sharing. The context we’ll use to look at this topic will be feeding as learning.

workshop overview  :
  • understand how to promote the feeding skills young children need to eat well
  • develop insight into your own childs’ feeding skills and how to bridge any gaps
  • learn how to encourage and maintain feeding skills for your child
  • consider how your own thoughts and feelings influence your actions at mealtimes
  • develop boundaries to stay safe, promote skills and boost engagement at mealtimes
  • using provided resources, produce a meal framework meeting key nutrients using all food groups
  • develop next steps to help move forward with new foods and textures
In structure, more about:

family mealtimes and self-regulation; factors affecting eating: social, medical and nutritional; snacks, drinks, portion sizes, grazing and milk drinking; sleep & play; toileting

In nurture, more about:

positioning during eating, safety, promoting fine motor skills needed for self-feeding; play-based ways to encourage feeding skills; self-regulation; giving right attention, giving effective praise; developing trust, reassurance,

In boundaries, more about:

parent and child roles in feeding; balance between self-regulation and maintaining boundaries; learning to eat and speak at the same time; choosing your language carefully; the golden rules : ignore, reward, be consistent; coping strategies