Why Infant Feeding Matters

Thanks for clicking here to find out about the Summer 2019 Why Infant Feeding Matters Workshops! Four workshops in total will run from June – September on the 1st Saturday of the month.  Have a look at the workshop overview.

The aim for each workshop is to bring new & expecting parents together to gain knowledge and explore themes around infant feeding. My own hopes for the workshops are to provide you with insight and inspiration, help you gain awareness and develop confidence, and above all enjoy feeding your baby. Have a look at the workshop dates.

The best time to attend Why Infant Feeding Matters is from 34 weeks of pregnancy until around 6-8 weeks after birth.  It is always a privilege to advise and support parents one-to-one, whose infants have feeding difficulties, as I do in my clinics .  Many parents however, do tell me that gaining awareness and knowledge at an earlier time would be very valuable.  And so this introduction to Why Infant Feeding Matters in a Workshop setting aims to do that.  Your feedback and contribution to discussion about what matters to you is of great value too!

Why Infant Feeding Matters

Workshop Overview

  • breast and bottle feeding – everything a baby needs for 6 months!
    • how do babies feed?
    • what are the differences – nutrition, non-nutritive factors
    • practical considerations, costs, choices, support
    • what do we know about infant feeding and health?
    • what do we know about the development of the microbiome?
  • responsive milk feeding – what is it and how does it work?
  • nutrition for breast feeding mums – hydration, brain, bone and gut health
  • development of feeding skills from newborn to 6 months and beyond
  • growth and development – establishment of milk feeding patterns & readiness for solids

What really matters in infant feeding?

How each baby feeds and is fed as well as what each baby receives, helps shape their biological systems for an entire lifespan.  Wow! – yes, that really does matter!  Responsive feeding teaches a baby (and you too) about relationships, communication and sensory experience through touch, smell, eye contact and attentiveness – Yep! – so does that!