I will be on sabbatical from 17th March 2023 for one month, resuming clinics on Monday 17th April. I may not be able to respond to your queries as quickly as usual, but I certainly will respond. Do please leave me your contact details. 

All initial appointments focus on robust dietary assessment methods, specific for the age and presenting difficulty for each child and family. This appointment includes a 15 minute follow-up telephone review, designed to pick up questions, evaluate dietary treatment options or immediate interventions and consider next steps. It is not intended as a separate or new consultation.

Appointment Fees and Payment Options from April 2023

I believe that specific feeding advice and nutrition support should be available freely for all families, as it would on the NHS. This website aims to provide good general information on feeding difficulties and nutrition, but does not provide the individual advice that some families need. In charging appointment fees for this specialist service, and in efforts to provide this to as many families as possible, I offer 3 payment options. My standard fee stays the same this year to take account of  the cost of living crisis, and offers better affordability.  I trust that prospective clients will choose the payment option that suits their circumstances best. The higher “supporter rate” will subsidise a lower “supported rate”, so those who pay the higher rate do so in the knowledge that they are helping another family access this specialist service.

Initial Appointment Fees (terms 14 days from appointment)

60 minute appointment @ £120 – supported £90, supporter £150
75 minutes appointment @ £150 – supported £120, supporter £180
90 minutes appointment @ £180 – supported £150, supporter £210

Review Appointment Fees (terms 14 days from appointment)

15 minutes review @ £30 – supported £20, supporter £40
30 minutes review @ £60 – supported £45, supporter £75
45 minutes review @ £90 – supported £60, supporter £120

Please see the reporting  and resources provided as standard following all initial and review appointments. Additional charges are also noted here which may be applied for specific add-ons, which are always agreed beforehand. Do please read through my Terms of Business before booking an offered appointment. 

Health Insurance 

I am registered with AXA, Aviva, Cigna, Healix, WPA, but not with BUPA
Do seek an authorisation number using my HCPC No. DT05478