A teen dietary assessment involves a detailed discussion and 360o view about what, when and how much is eaten, from which I estimate energy and nutrient intake of the diet as a whole. Assessing key nutrients, food groups, energy needs and physical activity, sleep, mental wellbeing, menstruation, dietary rules or beliefs, dietary structure and regularity are all features of a teen dietary assessment.

It’s true that some teenagers think little about a healthy balanced diet, whilst others become overly invested in its pursuit. It’s important when working with young people to meet them where they’re at and guide them to choose well and offer psycho-education (self-regulation) on ways to nourish and care for themselves as they go towards adulthood.

I use themes of structure, nurture and boundaries to talk about food with teens, and consider wellbeing from  physical, emotional and social perspectives.

Read this together with the standard dietary assessment, and part of all consultations.