Registered Dietitians are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat diet related conditions, relying on integrating nutritional knowledge, public health guidance and evidence-based decision-making. Carine works to high standards of ethics and performance as is regulated by The Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC). She is qualified to use the title Dietitian. Registration details for Carine Henry can be found here.

Clinical background and interests 

Working as a Paediatric Dietitian from 1992 – 2005 within the NHS at Addenbrooke’s CUH, Carine combined clinical nutrition research with NHS practice with paediatric inpatients and outpatients. In addition she worked closely with various Multi Disciplinary Teams on hospital, community and region wide projects. Assessing growth and individual nutritional requirements; and devising effective nutritional treatment plans across a variety of disciplines including medical and surgical gastroenterology, children with complex needs and food allergic disease.   Wider roles have included:

  • Nutrition Team member, providing intravenous nutritional support hospital-wide
  • Nutrition Team nutritional screening introduction hospital-wide
  • Provision of special diets ordering for CUH inpatients, within new catering systems
  • MRC Clinical Nutrition Research: Methods of assessing body composition, determining energy requirements and laboratory analysis of micro-nutrient status
  • The commissioning of a dedicated Nutrition Support Service for vulnerable children
  • The expansion of Paediatric Nutrition services at CUH, including a Complex Needs Feeding Team,  Outpatient Services for Paediatric Food Allergy and Paediatric Gastroenterology
  • Regional Clinical Audit Research on cost-effective prescribing of Oral Nutritional Support
  • Special Needs School work scoping on research in Neurodiversity & Nutrition
  • Scoping work with primary schools on Nutrition Education
  • Primary School Food Team, Green Team and School Meals Tender
  • Early Years Nursery Menu Planning
  • Trustee and Nutrition advisor Cambridge Sustainable Food
Independant Practitioner in Paediatric and Teenage Nutrition

In 2002, and after the birth of my 2nd child, I established the Cambridge Paediatric Nutrition practice, allowing a more flexible working and family life.  This has meant working more directly with families rather than clinical services, with some work in schools, nurseries and the charity sector.

Clinical  interests

Over recent years I have worked more closely with the emotional aspects of food, feeding and nutrition. From feeding difficulties in infancy, food refusal in young children and disordered eating in teens.  In particular, and since the outbreak of COVID 19, mental health challenges in children of all ages has been substantial.  Changes in social life, media (and social media) and anxiety have impacted children’s relationship with food. The intersection of mental health with food, feeding and nutrition is my primary interest.  I use my skills and knowledge in nutritional assessment, child behaviour and development, energy dynamics, gastroenterology and food sensitivity, to work holistically. I meet families and children where they are at, bringing compassionate enquiry to every consultation. The gut microbiota is a longstanding interest, with relevance to all aspects of health and disease, and particularly via the Gut-Brain Axis.  I am accredited with Advanced Dietetic Practice in Eating-Disorders.